Shift Your Commute


Monthly Challenges

September Car-Free Challenge

As summer winds down, September is the perfect time to bike to work. Whether you’re a year-round bike commuter or just trying it out for the first time, logging your trips on Shift Your Commute is a way to stay motivated — and win sweet prizes!

The Rules

  • Log your car-free trips every day, whether you make it one-way or round-trip.
  • Each one-way trip = one point
  • All trips must be logged by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 1.
  • Individuals and teams are eligible for prizes depending on how many trips logged throughout the month. 

  • 6-14 trips - 3rd place
  • 15-20 trips - 2nd place
  • 21 or more trips - 1st place

  • All teams with a commute rate of at least 60% and at least three active team members will be entered into a drawing for a special workplace treat

... to be announced soon!

Get Started

A representative from your workplace can create a team on the Shift Your Commute website.

  • First, check to see if your workplace is already registered by clicking “Organizations” on the homepage. A list of all businesses will appear. From this list, you can see the teams at each business (some larger organizations have multiple teams).
  • If your workplace does not have a team, or if you want a new team for your specific department within your workplace, you can register yourself and your workplace at the same time by selecting “Sign up as a team captain” on the homepage. 
    • Note: Make sure if you create a new team that your spelling is correct and free of typos.
  • Recruit your coworkers to register and join your workplace team (They can join a specific team in their profile settings. Again, make sure all spelling is correct!)
  • You can then challenge other workplaces around St. Louis to see which workplace can log the most commutes by bike. (Email when you’ve initiated a challenge. A Trailnet representative can monitor the progress and announce a winner to your challenge.)

The September Challenge is proudly sposored by:

May Car Free Challenge

During Bike Month 2013, Shift Your Commute users logged 1500 trips! 

The awesome prizes included:

  • 6 points: 2 tickets to Dinner & Bikes ($25 value)
  • 14 points: 2013 Trailnet Community Ride Pass, ($50 value)
  • 20 points: Gift cards to Trek, Urban Shark, & more ($70 value).

February Car Free Challenge

February, or our "cold weather challenge" (but you never know with the weather in St. Louis!), is a great time to put those January New Years Resolutions to the test. As February approaches, stay tuned for details.